Lately, I’ve been making an effort to simplify my life. Whether that be streamlining my morning routine, my wardrobe or throwing out old records I never listen to. I’m making a conscious effort to feel…un-complicated.

So when it came time to really looking at my beauty routine, my first port of call was hair. I like things fuss-free at the best of times and my idea of “done” is slicking my hair back in a tight bun, but the gazillion hair products sitting on my shelf weren’t really reflecting my un-done French girl hair vibes.

I’d also prefer to take a minimalist approach, stick to products I know work, and allocate my pretty pennies to having a night out with friends. So for my new haircare routine, the list was simple, a shampoo and conditioner that can do it all without breaking $20.

And, the verdicts in. Hello, Tresemme Un-Done Shampoo and Conditioner. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Look, it’s definitely not fancy and the bottles aren’t going to wow your shower guests, but the test of a good shampoo is in the hair, and boy did these guys impress.

The duo left my hair clean without any crazy stripping foam action, and felt nice and moisturised without inducing that flat helmet hair look. After drying, I had some really decent texture and body going on that I legitimately didn’t have to work for. And by that I mean I sat an ate coffee ice cream and caught up on Stranger Things while it air dried. Zero effort.

For background, my hair is boring, straight and reasonably well behaved. If your hair is anywhere near that zone, at less than $10 a bottle, you’d be silly not to give it a whirl.

Bonus points, you can pick this up at this supermarket when you’re doing the groceries, and as everyone knows, it’s a universal rule that anything you buy at the supermarket basically counts as an essential. So now you can enjoy your French girl hair, guilt free.

Get it here.

Words by Phoebe Youl.