I’m Paige, an artist and human living in Santa Fe, NM. I’m the founder of Object & Us, where I explore the human relationship with objects and space through writing, one-on-one sessions, and workshops. I also work as a stylist, photographer, and creative director. I recently left life as I knew it to start anew in the desert, and I’m learning to navigate my relationship with myself and the world around me with greater depth and openness.

I feel called to continue to slow down and to reject the societal expectations and guidelines that have been laid out for us to follow. I personally feel that the inner/individual compass carries much more wisdom than any pre-approved plans. My rituals are a huge part of this philosophy and way of life, as well as the basis of my work with Object & Us. By rituals, I’m referring to simple practices of attention and presence. You can read about some of them below.


Slow Mornings

I like to take my time in the morning. The first things I do are oil pull, brush my teeth, and make a green smoothie, but I’ll often get back into bed afterwards to journal or read. It’s a reminder for me to slow down and to start the day with nourishment.


Skincare Go-Tos

F. Miller, Lesse, and Klur are my go-to brands for skincare. I have battled adult acne ever since having my left ovary removed at age 21, along with a PCOS diagnosis. It’s something I am continually learning to accept, and it forces me to tend to my self-love practices more and more. This Meltdown serum has been my most recent tool to calm my skin. It’s not a miracle product, but it does work to minimize swelling and redness. I use this serum every night before bed. I work the oil between my hands, inhale the yummy smell, and tell myself I love my skin as I massage it into my face.


Clip It Back

I use these clips to pull the hair away from my face when I wash my skin every morning and evening. Even with a small act like this, I consciously take a pause to feel the moment. I love the feeling of the clips grazing my skin as I sweep my hair away. We really can nourish ourselves in the smallest ways in order to make a difference to our overall wellbeing. When I have time, I jade roll/gua sha.


Maison Louis Marie Aboukir

I love that this Maison Louis Marie perfume is paraben-, sulfate-, and phthalate-free. I dab a bit onto my wrists and neck prior to leaving the house. I take in the scent as I ground my feet on the floor and breathe into my body. It’s a very simple act of grounding/honoring myself, and it makes me feel alive and sexy.