My friends, we are all gathered here today to give and receive advice on the subject of “flow.” How many of you out there right now, at this very second, is experiencing the inaugural throb of an oncoming crimson wave, Ibuprofen and low cal ice cream at the ready? As I’m sure you’ve all gathered by now, a mere 50 words in, by “flow” I am not referring to the way a river runs toward the sea, nor the way you shutter your hips skyward into a downward dog before breathing out a nascent “namaste”.


I am making use of an overused euphemism that also goes by the name of “Aunty Flow” and “that time of the month,” a not-so-secret female code exchanged in open air offices and malls and overcrowded pavements and, as it turns out, in the DM section over at @the_file just last week.

In the spirit of calling a spade a spade (and a super tampon a heavy-flow stopper), last week we called out for your Menstruation 101. Our inbox practically exploded with everything from organic pads to eco-friendly cups, CBD patches because CBD is, for some reason, a cureall for everything right now. A few of you, like social media powerhouse Liana Rossi, even recommended the Livia – a wearable device that is almost as cute as a silicone Swedish sex toy and claims to relieve cramps by preventing pain signals from reaching your brain.

Finally, one of you among many quite simply cited “CHOCOLATE.” We thank you for your candour. (We were all thinking it, anyway).


“Not a designated period product but ThermaCare heat belts for cramps!”

“Enna cycle and menstrual cup.”

“CBD period patches!”

“Foria CBD suppositories for cramps. Game changers.”


“Hormone horoscope app.”

“Lola organic cardboard tampons!!! Comfy, healthy & happy that it’s kind to the environment”


“TOM Organic Tampons, Pads, Liners! Such cute packaging, all organic and affordable!”

“MINT and ROSEMARY TEA!! With DARK chocolate.”

“Honey pot herb pads! Lighter flow with organic products tf”

“Japanese pads are the best – from a person living in Japan.”

“Mirena IUD lol. Technically a contraceptive, but has stopped my monthly flow altogether.”

“Tom organic tampons! The nonorganic cotton industry uses so many chemicals.”

“Cottons tampons & pads – great brand! Also a hot water bottle always does the trick.”

“Playtex Gentle Glide tampons, but I am curious about what people think of menstrual cups.”

“Cloth compresses! Taking care of the planet.”

“Livia! It’s basically a TENS machine for cramps.”

“The ultucup & Meluna menstrual cups! Also the Livia device for cramps.”

“A cup! (Can’t remember the brand). When I’m being lazy, organic cotton tampons.”

“Cups. Really easy, no waste, no rebuying.”

“Definitely team cup! Less pain, more comfort.”

“Menstrual cups changed my life. Haven’t used a single tampon in three years.”

“Modi Bodi period underwear has been a gamechanger.”

“Period undies to sleep in at night. End up saving money and don’t have to pay for pads.”

“@shethinkx is really amazing & a go to when I don’t want to use anything invasive.”

“Thinx underwear! I like that i can use nothing and i have virtually no mess.”

“Spanx faux leather leggings! I have endo and these leggings are a savior.”

Hello Cup has been amazing since switching to menstrual cups, I won’t be looking back!”

“OB with applicator.”

“Menstrual cups because they are better for my body and the environment!”

“My livia!”

“Hormone Horoscope app.”

“Lola organic tampons!!!”

“Hot water bottle for cramps!”