Sometimes, when it comes to beauty products, the packaging can be just as important, or sometimes even more important than the product itself. And look, I know that seems somewhat vain, and a bit pathetic… but guys, c’mon admit it, WE”VE ALL FELT THIS WAY. Haven’t we? Anyone?

Ok, whatever, the point is when I stumbled upon this treasure, looking like some kind of vintage goodie I’d lifted from my nan’s vanity, I couldn’t help but pick one up for myself.

Lucky for me, in this instance judging a product by its packaging totally paid off, and I discovered that what’s inside the tin is just as good.

What can I say, Smith’s Rosebud Salve smells like some kind of peppermint Turkish delight hybrid that lingers in the best possible way, makes my lips feel soft and has the kind of subtle tint that is just enough to look like “something”, but not enough to look “done”.

It’s also the secret pot make-up artists use at the shows for everything. Want that glossy look over the eye lid? Apply it over your NARS multiple and you have yourself an instant Alexander Wang backstage look.

This is the kind of balm I’ll happily buy 5 of and not even flinch.  One at home, one in a bag, clutch, car, whatever, I need it constantly. It’s the kind of thing I’ll whip out in the ladies to dot across my lids and on the tops of my cheekbones for that extra kind of dew, leaving me feeling like some kind of modern-day Elizabeth Taylor.

I’m all about it.

Get it here.

Words by Phoebe Youl.