Pay day is just around the corner — it’s so close I can almost feel the crisp notes in my back pocket, yet far enough away that I still have the lingering taste of two minute noodles on my tongue.

If the magnetic pull towards online shopping is so great that you can’t avoid it despite your flailing finances, dun worry, I got you covered. If you managed to set aside nine dollarydoos amidst all the squandering, you can nab yourself a  life-changing product before the next round of cash rolls in. The product in question is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray. And it is lit, fam.

Mario Badescu is a god amongst men. The price is right on all his products, and I’ve become especially attached to this facial spray, which I bought on a particularly penniless trip to the shops last year. My face is never not thirstier than a corporate millennial on a Friday afternoon (cry for me), and so I always keep one on me to satiate all that parched epidermis. If your face is also as barren as your bank account is, I recommend you do the same.

It literally feels like your skin is drinking a tall glass of rose-infused water, and it smells truly divine. You can spray it on your hair, your body, under or over your make-up, in the morning, at night, while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, or every 30 minutes at your desk to the amusement of your colleagues, à la me. I sprayed my way through a bottle so quickly that I’m pretty sure I qualify for the Guinness book of records, and, at $9 a pop, you can afford to be so ~indulgent~.

Not to steal the face spray’s limelight, but if you are a touch more responsible with your finances than others (me), I also highly recommend using this in tandem with the Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream, for intense hydration and the promise of glowing skin in the AM, and his Vitamin C Serum, which has drastically reduced redness on my face, and helped to even out my skin tone.

Get it here.

Love you, Mario!

Words, Madeleine Woon.