It’s almost impossible to imagine how much a model really travels until you’re in the middle of a month-long email back-and-forth with one. Let me set the scene for you:

The first time I make contact with Nane Feist it’s early November. She tells me that she’s been super busy with travel and is soon taking off to Paris where her career as a model began many years ago.

She punctuates her sentences with double exclamations (!!) and signs off with a smile emoji and two kisses (xx). Her rare, unexpected and unfaltering kindness beam through each email (no ‘as-per my-last-emails’ here).

We touch base again on November 20. “I’ve been traveling non-stop,” she writes. “I’m going to Argentina tomorrow…”

At this point, I’m exhausted just keeping up with her whereabouts from my desk. For someone who seems to constantly be on the go, the New York-based model strikes you as unbelievably earthy – and, at this point, I simply have to know: what’s her secret to staying grounded amidst a constant rush of new cities, faces and the inevitable jet-lag that follows?

In a word: nature. Growing up in Cologne, “one of the most important cultural centers in Germany,” she not only developed a love for contemporary art and music but for the snow-capped mountains and river Rhine that carves through the city center. “Now I live in NY, keeping my connection to nature is challenging,” and she goes on to explain that, from her sunlit home in Carroll Gardens, she tries to travel Upstate when she can. But it is gardening – dirty hands and all – that has allowed her to, quite literally, put down roots.

“I get so much pleasure from keeping my plants healthy, watching them grow – digging my hands into soil makes me feel relaxed and happy. Harvesting and cooking with things you’ve nurtured is so rewarding. You waste less and only use what you really need.”

This last time, as she signs off with love from Buenos Aires (“off to Uruguay the next day!!”), I find myself searching flight sales and typing “how to grow vegetables” into Google.

If being as well-rounded and balanced as Nane Feist means you find yourself lining up for her prescription of Kundalini yoga, morning meditation and one of the best home-blend facial oils we have ever seen, sign us up!

Words, Rose Howard. Images, Chloé Horseman. 

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