Ciao, my name is Kate Bucceri and I am based in Sydney, Australia, but my second home is Noosa where my family lives. Then there’s my husband’s family from Sicily, which is fast becoming my favourite place in the world outside of Sydney. When I’m not traveling between the three, I work in Public Relations for Tiffany & Co. and I looooove what I do.

My beauty philosophy is ‘you have to try everything once’. I am literally open to trying anything and love a good recommendation (drop yours in the comments below, please!). I am a total sucker for a random French cream that combats aging or a homemade hair treatment that a friend of a friend, colleague or website has recommended. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. To me, it’s half the fun discovering new products or concoctions, seeing if they work and letting my friends in on the secret.

I also believe if you take care of your skin, nails and hair you don’t really have to do much else. A little bit of tint of your cheeks, eyelids and lips and you are done! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who wears her natural beauty with confidence.


Pharmacy-Grade Retinol From France

When Gwyneth Paltrow recommends something, you know it’s going to be good. It also means that A313 Vitamin A Pomade is no longer the best-kept secret in the world – but the next time you are in France, do yourself a favour and buy it. Basically, it’s a pharmaceutical grade Vitamin A retinoid available over the counter, which has been a godsend for making my skin super plump, while also combatting spots and pigmentation. I put a layer on at night and sleep in it once a week!


Proof That Inner Beauty Works

I call this one a TGC: a Total Game Changer. I wish I had been taking this my whole life but only discovered it about two years ago. I have a scoop of the Glow Inner Beauty Powder and a dash of the collagen every morning with water and my skin, nails and hair have never been healthier. Who knew that gut health was so linked to your skin, but this truly works and is super yum!


One Dior Lip Glow, Three Ways

When you know you know. They are the perfect shade of pink, rose and plum that I use on my cheeks, eyelids and lips every day. Please don’t ever discontinue this Dior.


The Only One For Bottled Blondes

I am not a natural blonde and need to bleach my hair regularly. My hairdresser got me addicted to Olaplex and now I buy it in bulk as a hair treatment. I use this once a week and sleep in it overnight. I especially like to use it if I have been swimming or styling my hair too much – it basically brings it back to life.


My Rationale For Spending Big On Skin

Ah Rationale, my skin savior. I know it’s expensive but it’s worth every cent. Instead of getting facials, I invest in Rationale a few times a year and find the consistency of using this every day gives me what I need. I searched for years to try and find the best skin care and I am telling you. You just can’t beat it. I use the essential six range which is a combination of cleansers, serums, sunscreen and creams. Quality over quantity I say!