Hello! I’m Georgah Crane – a model and assistant beekeeper from Australia. Beekeeping is a really beautiful practice and so much fun. I’ve been assisting for about a year and a half now with a natural beekeeper and I still learn something new every time. I reached out to them via Instagram and had just left a full-time job so I suddenly had lots of time on my hands to help out. Most days beekeeping is about checking in on the hive, are they doing well? Do they need more space or less? Are there pests bothering them? We only take honey if there is an excess, the health of the hive is the priority. It also means that I spend a lot of time in the sun so sunscreen is a must! I use the La Roche-Posay Anthelios fluid as it sinks into my skin and feels like another layer of moisture rather than a greasy film on top.

The journey to clear skin for me has been a long one, full of many expensive treatments, dermatology appointments and a shelf full of products. A few years ago my skin was covered in little blemishes that would take forever to heal and then leave hyperpigmentation marks that never seemed to fade. It took a huge toll on my self-confidence, especially working as a model, I felt that I had to apologise to every make-up artist for making their job harder.

Finally, after trying what seemed like everything, I made an appointment to talk about Accutane. It’s not for everyone, but it’s the only thing that has worked for me in the long term and even though I still get a breakout here or there, my skin is much more manageable now.


A Beauty Sleep Essential

The best thing I have ever purchased! I can’t sleep without it now, I can’t quite explain it but the slight pressure that it puts over your eyes is really comforting to me. On long flights, I put it on and fall asleep to a podcast.


LESSE, forever

I am now on my third restock of the Ritual Serum and Bioactive Face Masque and I’ll continue to order as it works so well for my skin. The ritual serum doubles as a face oil, I use it every single night before bed. The mask smells amazing, my boyfriend and I mask together 3 nights a week and he loves it too.


Le Labo lip balm: a necessary luxury

Keeping my lips soft is a priority, if I accidentally leave the house without a lip balm it ruins my day. Lately, I have been trying the Le Labo lip balm and it has fast become my favourite. The olive oil and shea butter formula melts into your lips and keeps them moisturised all day instead of just being a waxy film on top like some others.


Lotion P50 is as good as they say...

Once, long ago when I was naive and young I thought that scrubbing your face with physical exfoliants meant fresh baby skin. Too many tomato red incidents later, I found that chemical exfoliants really are the best way and P50 by Biologique Recherche is the best of the best. I lightly pat this on every other night for smoother, brighter skin.



I know everyone goes on about it but staying hydrated is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your health. Keeping a full water bottle near you at all times is the trick, one that is easy on the eye helps! There are so many pretty glass ones available now.

Olaplex, Olaplex, more Olaplex

My hair has been bleach blonde for 4+ years now and I plan to keep it for as long as I can. Olaplex has been a godsend for anyone with bleach damaged hair. At the salon, they mix it in with the bleach solution and then afterward you get a little bottle to take home and use as a hair mask once a week. Everyone comments on how healthy my hair is for being bleached and I give all the credit to this treatment.