There is a timeless quality to Caroline Ventura that strikes you the moment you meet her. Comfortable in her own skin, you get the sense of a woman who is not trying to be anything but herself. No mean feat in a world that constantly wants to convince us to be otherwise. Warm, open and honest, there’s a softness and wisdom about her that seems to translate into her wardrobe, her beauty routine and into our latest obsession, her jewellery line, BRVTVS.

Born in Southern California, yet a self-proclaimed New Yorker through and through, Caroline created BRVTVS “out of necessity” – the product of her struggle as a stylist to find delicate and timeless jewellery that was affordable. Passionate and driven, Caroline took it upon herself to become a goldsmith and make them herself, “I just created pieces that I wanted to wear and hoped that other people wanted to wear them too.”

Although, what makes BRVTVS truly special is Caroline’s genuine connection to the women she designs for and her real appreciation for the intimacy that comes with making keepsakes; “Jewellery pieces are such amazing storytellers and that’s what makes each piece unique. It may be the same pair of earrings that someone else owns, but your story with them is completely your own”.

It’s not only her slant on design that we love, her approach to ageing is just as refreshing, “I wish we were much more up front and open with the ageing process because then maybe it wouldn’t be such an emotional topic. Ageing shouldn’t be this thing we’re afraid of; we all get older, we all get wrinkled, we all die. As much as I would love to have the amount of collagen I had when I was 18, you couldn’t pay me to relive those years, because I love where I’m at in my life now, the age that I am (36), and even a few of the wrinkles that I have gained from living my life. And I hope that if you ask me the same question 15 years now from now, I will love being in my 50s and wouldn’t want to return to my 30s.”

All Hand-crafted in her NYC apartment which sits above her homewares store Calliope in Manhattan’s West Village–she seems to have achieved something that for us at THE FILE HQ sounds like a living dream; creating a life that revolves around making things of beauty. For her, inspiration is everywhere.

“This is going to sound so cheesy, but I really find it all around me. I was walking my dog the other day and I noticed this bike rack giving off a cool shadow, so I snapped a photo of it to maybe reference later for a drawing or something. There is definitely a certain aesthetic that I am drawn to, I like clean lines and simple shapes and colors, and living in a place like NYC, inspiration for that is all around.”

That’s just it. We get caught up in the little dramas of life, the routine, and occasional drudgery, that we sometimes forget that there truly is beauty in everything. All around us. All the time. Maybe Caroline’s work is the gentle reminder we all need- that sometimes to see it, you just have to open your eyes a little.

Words, Carlie Fowler. Photography, India Hartford Davis.

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