TRESemme Liquid Gold Anti-Frizz Perfecting Treatment, $11

We have a habit of drowning our hair in as many texturising, shine-boosting, frizz-fighting products as possible. Freshly-washed, fluffy soft hair is our numero uno no no. We like to give our hair a bit of gritty texture and weigh it down in a way that still leaves it looking ultra healthy and happy.

We have our favourites – salt sprays, texture powders… but we’re going to let you in on a secret… if you treat your hair to a nourishing oil before you get carried away with busting out the beach hair, it will look 10x better.

That’s why we’re obsessed with this stuff. The argan oil instantly gives your hair the TLC it needs but it’s super lightweight so it doesn’t leave any greasy film on your hair (or hands) like most hair oils. You can also use it after all the other stuff to smooth-out frizz, and massage it in daily to tame, nourish and protect your hair between washes.

Get onto it, ASAP.

By Carmen Hamilton.