Toni & Guy Casual Rough Texturiser, $16

Where do we start with this stuff? Maybe with the fact that we’ve never found anything that makes our hair look and feel exactly the way we want it to with a few quick sprays. Or maybe how it completely fast-forwards that post wash day one silky, flat hair we can’t stand. Or how about the way it gives our hair the gritty, textured, lived-in look we’re perpetually trying to achieve?

Tick, tick and tick. This big can of good stuff is all of the above, and way more.

It’s the answer to good hair And by ‘good’ hair, we mean that tousled, slept-in, sexed-up vibe. Think Caroline de Maigret, Lou Doillon and Freja Beha.

Our favourite part? The cost per wear is pretty much nothing. It’s so cheap, we go to town on our hair with it whenever we feel the need, without feeling even the slightest bit guilty.

Good one, Toni & Guy. We’re in <3.

By Carmen Hamilton.