The Aromatherapy Co. Sleep Pulse Point Oil, $14.95

Sleep is without a doubt one of our favourite things in the world (the others are Céline and Isabel Marant, obvs).

But in this digital age of Instagram, Netflix, Net-A-Porter and Tinder Nightmares, it’s not always easy to switch off, so we’ve come to call on the help of our friends lavender and camomile.

The Aromatherapy Co.’s Sleep Pulse Point Oil is made from a 100% pure and natural oil blend of lavender (to induce a restful sleep) and camomile (to calm a busy mind) in a base of sweet almond oil, bottled up in a sleek roll-on tube that looks pretty on your bedside table and slips conveniently into any purse, clutch or carry-on.

Simply swirl a bit onto your wrists and elbows, then behind your ears and knees before jumping into bed, take a few deep breaths, and prepare for sweat dreams of Tulum and Johnny Depp (preferably together, but we’ll take either).



By Carmen Hamilton.