Welcome to our first “before pay day” post, because grrrrll, who isn’t down to their last $20 before pay day?

You know the drill, we live like kings right after being paid; we go out, we shop, we indulge, we buy those Illesteva frames and the Chloe lace-up ankle boots because we feel like wealthy MoFos for all of 5 seconds.

Then yup you guessed it, a few weeks pass and we realise we’ve done it again; we can barely pay the rent and it’s highly likely we’ll be eating tuna out of a can for two weeks (or eating at the Olds…thanks, mum). Yup, we’ve all been there, even if we’re earning the big bucks.

So, in the spirit of taking care of our fellow fiscally challenged (aka Broke AF) friends, every week we will bring you the BEST beauty products out there for $20 or less, tried and tested. And we promise, if you’re down to your last $20, you won’t be sorry.

First up, Sally Hansen “Red Eye” – quite possibly our favorite bright red of the bunch, and bonus points comes with a 14-day no-chip guarantee. What? Perfect all year round, it pops, and pretty much makes any outfit look …better. They also call this range Miracle Gel so it looks like a thick gel-esque polish.

We get a solid week out of it with no chips, around the two-week mark it’s getting a little worn around the edges.

So if you want to look like you’ve paid the big bucks for a manicure, and a polish that stays put, get it here.

Words by Phoebe Youl