If you’re in your 20’s and live in a big city you’re probably, how can I put it nicely…fiscally challenged? And look, I’m using the term lightly, obviously we can make ends meet and pay the bills, but girls gotta have some fun. Am I right? Don’t feel guilty, what other time in your life can you make the irresponsible decision to live on toast for the next two weeks because those Alexander Wang boots are 40% off? It’s an investment decision after all.

So understandably when it comes to shopping for a concealer, if I can find a budget option that cuts the mustard, I’m all over it. Because for most of us, it’s a daily necessity, so you want to keep your cost per wear down.

I had tried the Rimmel BB cream which I thought was amazing, so I wanted to give the concealer a go, which quickly became my go-to. It’s also damn good for toning down the redness in my skin, one swipe and things are looking a lot calmer. Basically, it allows me to upkeep the facade that I ran 5k this morning, meditated and pressed a green juice when in actual fact I ate cheese on toast while watching cat videos on Facebook #kickinggoals.

I tend not to use this on any full-on breakouts as the illuminator makes the blemish pop which is kind of the opposite of what you want it to do.

The packaging is basic (no surprises here) but the applicator is great and it glides right on. The formula is creamy enough that you get decent coverage, but not so thick that you’ll get creasing under the eye. I’ve just been applying and blending in with fingers, or if I’m feeling particularly fancy that day I’ll use a brush. The overall effect is pretty consistent with both applications.

For comparison, this guy sits nicely in-between my two long time favourites, Bare Minerals Serum Concealer and the By Terry Touch Expert Advance, which are closer to the $50 mark. So, claps all round for Rimmel.

For the price tag, you really can’t go wrong. Highly recommend.

Check it out.

Words by Phoebe Youl.