Revitanail Nail Strengthener, $30

If your nails are brittle, paper-thin and pretty much impossible to grow beyond the tip of your finger (albeit genetics or an over-enthusiasm for shellac), you probably know how hard it is to make things right.

It’s a waiting game involving some serious dedication to tackling the problem from all angles – from what you eat, to how you care for them, to adjusting the bad habits that may be stunting their progress (smokers, take note). 

That’s probably why Revitanail (basically a lifeline for bad nails) continues to end up in every beauty hall of fame – it speeds-up the process by nourishing and hydrating the nails while it protects them.

Use it as a base or top coat, or wear it alone. The result? In the wise words of Kanye, ‘harder, better, faster, stronger’.

Our beauty assistant trialled it for three weeks and didn’t have one chipped or peeling nail the whole time (that’s a record, by the way).

Problem = solved.

By Carmen Hamilton.