Lanolips Golden Ointment, $11.95

It’s at exactly this time of year we find ourselves perpetually trawling through a bottomless pitt (that is our handbag) for something to smother our lips in that will cease the subconscious licking, rubbing and biting that leaves them feeling (and looking) tight, cracked and flaky.

Drinking water surely helps, but nothing relieves it like a thick coat of a nourishing, protective lip balm… and, in that department, Lanolips Golden Ointment blows everything else out of the water. Thanks to 60% medical grade lanolin and Manuka honey, this ‘Super Moisturiser’ completely combats dryness and creates a protective seal to shield your smoochers from sun, wind and freezing cold weather (pretty much a wind cheater for your lips).

We take this stuff with us everywhere (lucky it slips perfectly into our Comme des Garçons clutch = très convenient) and put it everywhere – like on dehydrated skin post-flight and dry feet before we jump into bed for quick DIY pedi overnight.

At this rate, one for every handbag is completely necessary.

By Carmen Hamilton.