Jergen’s BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, $15

Our digital producer, stylist and beauty bargain extraordinaire (we’re entering slashie territory here, people) told us about this one… and we’re pretty glad she did.

Until now, our skin care efforts have been stopping at our jawline. After all, our face has been keeping us busy (and broke) enough, thanks. But once we were introduced to the magic that is Jergen’s BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream there was no turning back. This product hasn’t found its place in the beauty halls of fame for nothing.

It’s ultra-hydrating, but won’t leave you feeling sticky like other moisturisers can. It also gives your skin a subtle sheen, works to keep things compact with firming properties and uses light reflecting particles to give you even-toned skin all-over.

… And it comes in a jumbo-sized tube so you can slather it on without getting the guilts – even better.

By Carmen Hamilton.