Colour WOW Brassed Banned Mousse, $29.95

As much as we love massage chairs and people playing with our hair, we don’t actually manage to get to the salon all that often. Needless to say, we frequently reach that point where we just can’t deal – our hair’s gotta go up in a topknot or we’re wearing a hat all day, every day.

Yep, brassiness is a b#tch. That’s exactly why we’re so relieved we found this stuff when we were creeping through the shelves of NET-A-PORTER’s beauty go-to girl Kathleen Baird-Murray.

Long story short, it’s a leave-in mousse that counteracts brassy tones in blondes and brunettes AND pumps up the volume and texture.

All you have to do is massage it into damp hair after a wash and voilà!

Um, Colour WOW, we love you.

By Carmen Hamilton.