Dry shampoo, eye roll, everybody uses it and everybody swears by it, right? No new news here. But hands up if the one thing you can’t stand is the white coat of powder that you have to rub in daily from either A) spraying too close to the hair or B) being too haphazard and ending up with too much product on the hair.

So the day I found Co-Lab Dry Shampoo has become one of those days that is etched into my memory forever. On the bottle, it read, “clear and invisible”. I did a double take. What? Likelihood of it actually being invisible? Nil. But hey, my thinking was that if it’s clearer and more invisible that a normal dry shampoo, I’d be satisfied.

Being a dark haired girl, I’ve played chicken one too many times with tinted dry shampoo and come off the loser. In a rush, forgetting to shake first and before you know it you’ve got brown dye splattered all over that nice white shirt you just ironed. FML.

So when I sprayed, and it actually was invisible I was like damn Africa, this stuff is the answer to my dirty hair’s dreams.

However, there is a payoff for this whole invisible thing, It’s not as hardcore oil absorbing as some other dry shampoos I’ve tried. This is not for the days when your hair is already four days post wash, but It’s perfect for using on cleanly washed hair to make things feel a little gritter (because that’s something I do now, spend 10 minutes washing my hair, then realise it’s too clean, so I need to dirty it up a bit), or to stretch out your hair wash an extra day, or two at a push.

Basically, I just shake the bottle (note: shaking is NOT optional with dry shampoos) and spray onto roots from an arm’s length away. I leave it to sit and do it’s thing while getting ready, and then massage or brush it through.

In summary, it’s good. Get it here.

Words by Phoebe Youl.