Bloom ‘Sheer Pout’ lipstick, $28

This lipstick has a permanent place in our beauty editor’s handbag. She literally feels naked if she leaves the house without it. Kind of like when you forget your iPhone.

Apart from the obvious, (i.e. that it makes your lips look fuller, hydrated, slightly flushed and more luscious all around) it’s also an absolute life saver when you find yourself looking a little ‘dead’, and curling up in your PJ’s for a House of Cards marathon isn’t an option.

Why? Because this magic shade mimics just-bitten lips and rosy cheeks like no other, and the colour is sheer so it doubles as a cream blush.

Think 3pm, post-lunch food coma and every scrap of this morning’s make-up completely gone – this little guy is all you need to get your mojo back. Slick it on, rub your lips together (and let it spill over the edges because it makes them look bigger), then press some onto your cheeks with your finger.

BOOM. You’re back in business.