Bio-Oil, $15

We know this one is kind of obvious, but this miracle oil hasn’t earned a cult following for nothing.

We’ve put it to the test over time and, guys, it seriously delivers on its promises. It’s become a part of our daily routines. It’s a total skin saviour, and we think it deserves some air time.

Firstly, if you’re a serial squeezer (tsk tsk) you need a bottle of this at the ready. It completely shrinks and fades scarring within weeks which eventually = less foundation, less concealer and less time in front of the mirror every morning. Tick, tick, tick.

It’s also a total godsend for stretch marks and costs next to nothing so you don’t have to feel guilty about slathering that stuff on all-over.

Be patient though. It takes a few weeks but it’s well worth the wait.

By Carmen Hamilton.