Benefit Erase Paste Concealer, $26

We’ve tried our fair share of concealers and, we know it sounds totes dramatic, but this little pot of salmon-coloured paste is actually life-changing.

If you ask us, there are two ways you can completely wipe-away those dark, sunken-in circles around your eyes: the first is Photoshop, the other is this.

The creamy orange shade completely neutralises any darkness, but it’s still close enough to a ‘real’ skin tone which means you can wear it with nothing over the top.

Or, if you need something a little more heavy-duty, layer it over your foundation, and then put a highlighter where you need extra lift (here’s one we prepared earlier).

Seriously guys, this puts all other under-eye concealers to shame, so you can say sayonara to black bags for ever (excluding the kind you can buy on NET-A-PORTER, of course).

By Carmen Hamilton.