If you’re all about no-makeup makeup (and we know you are, because you’re reading THE FILE), then we’ve got something you want.

We knew this new brand called NUDESTIX was going to be the best thing since Saint Laurent as soon as we heard the backstory – two sisters, both models, and both advocates for going as nude and natural-looking as possible on a daily basis. Amen.

We sense they’re a lot like us – rushing out the door, doing makeup in the car or on the go (all while juggling a large latte and our iPhones, of course) before throwing it all into a handbag. This means three things: we need makeup that’s quick, uncomplicated and compact.

Enter NUDESTIX Sculpting Pencil – the ultimate contouring crayon. It’s dual ended (one for highlighting, the other for shading) and has a beautiful creamy, matte finish (tick!) so it doesn’t leave you looking sparkly or shiny like some other pencils of this kind can.

Trust us, this makes all those blending brushes and complicated contouring palettes redundant.

Click through to see how it’s done.

By Carmen Hamilton.