My coverage saga story begins with looking into the mirror in the bathroom at work – under a slightly fluorescent and ~truly~ unflattering light – to find that my trusted tinted moisturiser was now giving me a beaming forehead before noon. Not beaming of the good kind, mind you. The coverage that once worked wonders was now sending my skin into an existential oil crisis.

Once upon a time, it was my Holy Grail. Having purchased over four tubes previously, the moment it stopped giving me fresh-faced results, I was left with what could only be described as a feeling of betrayal.

And so the saga continued: a few days later I find myself at a friend’s place. As a one-time makeup artist, we’re forever swapping beauty hacks and our all-time favourite finds. By the end, I’ve usually tried on four to five new products as per her suggestion.

“You’ve got to try this,” she insists this time, pulling out Dr. Jaart’s Cicapair Tiger Grass Colour Correcting Cream.

After a short run down, she tells me it contains a green tint to reduce redness, improve skin texture and tone and is so good it has the potential to replace my tinted moisturiser for good. Eyebrows raised, I open the jar to find a *literal* green cream that smells of nice, fresh-cut grass.

Eyeing off the dubious-looking goo, I think “What’s the worst that could happen?” besides turning green as avocado chia smoothie. Ah, yes.

Here’s what actually happens, though: It goes on like a sheer mask, and shifts as it heats and oxidizes to match my skin tone.  I must, however, *removes points for lack of inclusivity* as the shade-adapt technology does not work so well on darker skin tones.

At first, I applied it with a beauty blender before setting with a slightly tinted, but I’ve found it goes on much better with freshly washed hands. It’s ultra-moisturising, and as a proud owner of combination skin, it keeps my complexion perfectly balanced. You guys, on checking in on my face at the end of the day, I was actually shocked  – it looked almost the same as when I’d applied it that morning!

Since that time, I’ve been spreading the gospel of Dr Jaart. I honestly could not stop telling people that I had ditched foundation for good (or at least for the foreseeable future). To date, I’ve convinced five friends to add it to their digital shopping carts. This cosmetic missionary (that’s moi) is on a mission, and I’m telling you, you’ve simply must try it too.

Words, Megan Laber.