Getting ready to go out is a ritual in and of itself. There have those been times where you’ll sit in front of a mirror with a girlfriend and a bottle of wine exchanging products and makeup tips, swiping on a bit of blush here, and a little shadow there, in between sips. And there are those other times where you’ll frantically start swiping mascara onto your eyebrows in a mad dash – something I may or may not have done last week.

Or, if we are to take the hand-me-down advice of Dita Von Teese, overheard by Margaret Zhang front row, you should stick to one look and perfect your craft. If you do that, you can have a full face, beauty mark and all, down to a fine art of 12 minutes.

To get you ready for the weekend, we asked our favourite women to spill on their signature going out makeup looks – the glitter, the bold lips, the winged liners, the works. Need a quick fix for hangover skin the next day? Look, we’ve all been there. We’ve got you covered on that front too.

But for now, it’s time to throw on your snazzy outfit and get ready to take note.

Margaret Zhang, New York, Photographer & Creative Director


“Honestly, cat-eyes and dark lips are the limit of my make-up application skills – and I really had to train myself in those out of necessity during my ballet days. I only commit to one or the other when I know I have more than 20 minutes to get ready (enough time to mess it up and start over). Last season, I sat next to Dita Von Teese at a show, and she said that she had her entire face routine (liner, lashes, lips, face powder scenario, beauty mark etc.) down to a science of 12 minutes. Super-speed goals.”

Sabina Socol, Paris, Journalist


“I like to put the accent on makeup and a more sexy or studied outfit. I like to wear my hair up in a ponytail and wear more eye makeup—with red lips, obviously—and I’ll wear leopard print or a sexy jumpsuit with heels, for example. All that, with some good music and a glass of wine!”

Christie Tyler, New York, Blogger 


“I’ll either do a dark eye with Armani’s Eyes To Kill Proliner in Black, or a red lip with Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet in La Fascinante. I love either a slip dress or a bold mini dress – or, if I’m really trying to impress, I love going down the masculine route. Cue trousers and a blazer with nothing underneath.”

Rachel Rutt, Sydney, Model & Musician


“I think, having been a model for so long, make-up has always been a very work-related process for me, and so when I was “off-duty” I needed to distance myself from any cues of the industry. I generally only wear it for our Heart People live performances, so I can be a bit more magical, theatrical. Perhaps a lip – favourite: Ruby Woo from MAC, plus a little metallic eyeshadow from Chanel that I can just rub on with my finger, or Studio Eye Gloss by MAC in Lightly Tauped. No foundation for me, though.”

Jessica Gomez, New York, Founder of Equal Beauty


“I love always having a glow. And I also love, when I’m doing an evening look, to do a smokey eye. I love Charlotte Tilbury’s La Dolce Vita because I love the burgundy. I usually do that with mascara, and then do a nude lip.”

Eliana Rodriguez, Los Angeles, Creative Director


“I don’t wear make-up every day, because I don’t want to depend on it to feel like myself. That said, I do love makeup, and if I’m going somewhere special, I’ll even things out with RMS Un-Cover Up, then use Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk under my cheekbones and on my temples.”

Mimi Elashiry, Sydney, Model


“I love my NARS eyeshadows no matter what the occasion, orange (taj mahal) yellow, blue, and green! I also use bio-glitz biodegradable glitter if I’m feeling a little extra is needed.”

Georgia Graham, New York, Model  &Writer


“Recently I started to miss having fun and experimenting with makeup, so I’ve started using glitter when I go out. It’s probably quite silly, but I love it. I found this brand called Greenpoint Glitter in Brooklyn. It’s biodegradable and eco-friendly, so I’m basically a tree-hugging unicorn! Haha.”

Jamie Barrata, Los Angeles, Co-Founder of The IV Wave


“If I’m feeling daring, I’ll wear a bold lip. My favorites are the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils—the thick, crayon-like ones—because the application is so easy. I know it’s so boring, but, for me, it always comes back to skin. Give me glowing, bronze, flawless skin—that’s all I need to feel my most confident when going out at night.”