You know the face you pull when you’re a few Mojitos deep and ‘your song’ comes on? Well that pretty much sums-up our reaction when one of our favourite fashion scents turned-up on our desks in a sexy black bottle (like, #omg, no way).

Rodriguez just gets us.

If we wear fragrance, we want it to be a conversation starter; the kind that gets people asking how we smell so. damn. good.

We like it warm, woody and musky with a hint of something sweet to balance it all out, and this one ticks all the boxes.

It’s feminine (but not sickly) with a certain spiciness that makes it kind of… addictive. It’s one of those scents that has you smelling your own wrist every two seconds or casually flicking your hair back and forth to catch a whiff… but it’s not like anyone could blame you.

And then there’s that bottle – pretty much a pre requisite for any fashion girl. Trust us, it will make a stunning new addition to any fragrance collection, not to mention it’s totes flat-lay friendly (because we know you secretly love that).

By Carmen Hamilton.