Our #passionforfashion extends well beyond our wardrobes, all the way to our fingertips (hi khaki nails!), our bookshelves (a mix of Self Service, Helmut Newton and pretty much every fashion coffee table book worth mentioning) and more.

It’s our perpetual challenge to keep every aspect of our lives sartorially in-check, while making it appear like zero effs have been given whatsoever. Superficial? Us? Never. We like to think of it as aesthetically aware.

But when it comes to the more obscure details like, ugh, makeup bags, things get tricky. They’re all just a little bit OTT. Too much bling, too much quilting and too much colour (i.e. lame). We want one that can do double time as a clutch and not leave us completely shamed-out when we whip it out in public/in front of our gf’s on vacay.

That’s why we’re all about this one. Not only does it entertain our obsession with all things monochromatic, it also speaks our language.

Hi haters, what’s up?

Get it here.

By Carmen Hamilton.