Remember that scene from Sex And The City, when Carrie pulls an all-nighter before going to a cover shoot looking bedraggled AF? (In her own words, she looked like, “Something that got caught in a drain.”)

Sigh. Poor Carrie. If only this super cream was invented way back when, she might have looked more Christy Turlington and less trainwreck.

For those of us lucky enough to be born in the golden age of IT Cosmetics, you can thank the beauty gods because this stuff is a miracle worker (shout out to mega babe Zoe Cross for giving us this little insider).

This ‘no make-up’ make-up multitasks like a mofo. It glides on super smooth and feather-light for airbrush-level smoothness without that gross, cakey-feel. It’s also an SPF 50+  that keeps the rays away that age and burn your skin. Packed with vitamins and the secret ingredient – CC+, that improves skin texture and brightness – it’s kind of unfair to all the other beauty products because, #WINNER.

We noticed that our skin was immediately more hydrated and in a couple more weeks we noticed our pores shrinking and those little fine lines starting to reduce. Our skin, but better – for reals.

Get it here.