We’re not gonna lie, our inner hedonist goes hard over anything and everything bespoke.

Materialistic, us? #sorrynotsorry.

But when we’re braving the perfume department armed with coffee beans and a stack of sample cards, any level of bespoke-ness (you know what we mean) seems pretty damn impossible. We just can’t stand smelling the same as someone else everywhere we go, and we’re sure we’re not alone.

… That’s where Escentric Molecules comes in. Guys, this is fragrance for the 21st century.

Forget a one-size-fits-all approach to perfume – this stuff changes to suit every single wearer differently. Yeah, you read that right. The star ingredient, ‘Iso E Super’ is a velvety, woody base note that adapts to you when it hits your skin. Yeah, #WTF was also our initial reaction. But we’ve put it to the test IRL – as in, on every single person in the office – and it delivers on its promises. It evolved into something slightly different on each and every one of us, but with the same warm and, dare we say, seductive undertones.

It’s the kind of smell that will get people talking stalking. Not even kidding, this stuff’s been dubbed ‘the man magnet’, and we don’t disagree.

Get it here.

By Carmen Hamilton.