It’s no surprise that here at THE FILE we like it quick & easy (in the product department). Anything that can do two things at once whilst simultaneously blowing our minds deserves a medal in our books.

So when we came across this foundation and serum in one, we were pretty much sold before we even opened the bottle. And when Bobbi Brown’s name is on the bottle (aka The Boss of Make-up), you know it’s going to be pretty damn uh-mazing.

And it doesn’t disappoint. A few wears in and we realise that the title isn’t just for show. Packed full of awesome super charged ingredients like Lychee and bamboo, it works for your skin while you wear it. Before you know it your skin will be sporting the kind of glow you usually get post…workout (so we’re told….). Its light, it’s easy and it’s so good you’ll feel like someone’s put an instagram filter on your face.

Shop it here. We did.