In light of the beauty industry’s obsession with achieving a “glow,” Associate Editor Madeleine Woon and I once joked about the ingenuity one must draw upon when writing about a subject for which nuance is lacking. FYI, when writing about “glow,” you may also refer to the complexion as being luminescent, phosphorescent, radiant, incandescent, effulgent, shimmering, sparkling, twinkling… I’ll stop now.

Becca, being geniuses behind one of the best liquid highlighters of all time, has more recently come up with yet another apt synonym to describe the glow promised by their latest release: kaleidoscopic.

Before you balk (and yes, I did balk when I read that in the description), there is substance to the name. The Light Chaser Highlighter contains primary and secondary tones that flash and alternate as you move—kind of like a mood ring for your face. There’s a pearl that flashes gold; an amethyst that flashes fuchsia; a topaz that flashes antique gold; a champagne that flashes rose gold; and a rose gold that flashes peach. When applied to the high points of your face (as you would with a regular highlighter), the creamy powder will drip your complexion in an alien veil of light. I took shade Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini for a spin: it gives off a glow that’s skin-like in texture but unnatural in hue, lending a soft rose gold veil with each turn of the head. It looks weird, fun even, in a good way. You’ll know exactly what I mean once you try it for yourself—trust me. Far from being disappointed, you’ll be doing double takes at your new natural/unnatural skin hue in no time.

Words and photography, Rose Howard.