Real talk. By this time of year, even though we’re trying our darndest to appear like we’re motivated and have our shit together in the work department, the reality is our minds are already on vacay.

Mostly we’re sipping on Aperol Spritz while we sun ourselves somewhere on the Amalfi Coast. You know the vibe, Solange is on repeat, you take the odd dip between chapters of The Underground Railroad, and 5pm Aperitivo, always. A girl can dream, right?

Anyway. While our physical bodies are stuck answering emails and pretending to care (sorry not sorry), there are a few things that can help a girl on her way in the dream department. And one such thing landed on our desks recently and transported us to paradise for a moment: Tom Ford’s latest fragrance, Soleil Blanc.

If you want to smell like you’ve been traipsing around on a luxury private island in the middle of summer, this is your ticket. Even if you just want to smell like an expensive version of your average summer.

Soleil Blanc is a floral fragrance but not your average. It smells more masculine (thanks to Sandalwood and Amber) and doesn’t have that sweetness about it that many of them do. It’s sexy, yknow? And truth be told it makes you feel sexier just wearing it (we would expect nothing less from Mr Ford).

Is this our new summer fragrance go-to? You bet your salty sun kissed sexier self it is.

Get it here.

Words, Emily Royal.