If there’s one word I flog to death (outside of ‘shook’, which I not only overuse, but woefully misuse, according to my friends), it’s got to be ‘angel’. This was the first — and probably least important — reason I decided to trial Kevin Murphy’s Blonde Angel Wash and Blonde Angel Rinse.

Name aside, my insipid locks would be right at home atop a scarecrow’s head at the moment after many, many years of bleach abuse. And while most of my fam won the genetic lottery when it comes to thick hair, mine is decidedly fine. My scalp is sensitive. I’m currently growing out peroxide; a staple of mine for the past decade. I’m generally too lazy to bother styling my hair. You might say that every day is a bad hair day around these parts.

What did I need? Kevin Murphy’s help! When did I need it? Now.

A week into using this cute lil’ purple shampoo and conditioner combo, and my hair looks aliiiiive. This is nothing short of a miracle, considering what I’ve already told you about the *ded* curtains that frame my face. It’s quite honestly the best blonde shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever tried, and I’ve been around the block, believe me. It’s gentle, conditioning, and I’m not sure if it’s placebo, but my hair is starting to look thiccc.

My hair’s consistency has significantly improved. It feels silky — a confusing sensation for my fingertips, which are used to patting straw. My once overly sensitive scalp has calmed TF down. Without styling it, my hair sits nicely. The smell is out of this world. The packaging is some of the fleekiest I’ve ever seen. It might be a buck more than what you’re used to, but I’ve found that I only need to use the teeniest bit on my hair.

If you want to~shook~ your fine, dyed-blonde hair into action, then this is the shampoo and conditioner duo for you.

Get it here.

Words, Madeleine Woon.