As we coast towards the middle of the year, I’m becoming increasingly more dedicated to the philosophy of ‘treat yo’ self’. My version of T.L.C. back in the day used to be clutching a beloved bottle of Powerade close on a Sunday and vowing, “Never again!” But frankly, my glow was dull, and my wits? At their end! Nowadays, my Sundays consist of running a warm bath filled with essential oils, surrounded by delicately flickering candles, indulging in a face mask or three.

Part of my 2017 journey towards peak self-love has been searching high and low for products that live up to ~the hype~. And, if I’m completely honest when it comes to my daily skincare routine, I run a tighter squad than Taylor Swift. Enter Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. Excuse me while I get a little preachy, but when it comes to Ultimune, I take things very seriously.

Before I started using this product, my skin was tired and worn out. I hadn’t switched my routine up in a while, and everything was feeling a bit same-same. After a few weeks of using Ultimune morning and night, my skin is noticeably brighter and plumper. The concentrate works by helping your skin cells last longer and fight daily attacks to your skin. It goes on silky smooth, and absorbs like a dream. Because it’s science, duh.

Did you know that your skin has an immune system? After a tough start to the year and some less than stellar treatment in the past, my skin’s immunity had started to slow down, and this is where the nast-eh signs of ageing began to appear.

Chock-filled with unique botanicals – including gingko biloba leaf extract, shiso, and thyme – not only does Ultimune smell like a lush garden on a summer’s eve, but it also strengthens my skin’s resistance. And it boosts everything you put on top of it, so I applied this sweet baby angel of a product twice a day. It’s a pre-treatment, so after I cleanse, but before I add my serum and moisturiser, I gently pat Ultimune all over my face, letting it absorb fully into my skin before the next steps.

Ultimune has helped get me out of my skin rut. Much to the surprise of those who know me best, it’s made me dewy and #confident enough to go make-up free most days. Ah Shiseido, you’ve done it again!

Words, Domonique Chevalley. Photography, Madeleine Woon.