So it’s not new news that we’re the kind that spend a lot of time in a perpetual state of cocktail hour, mixed with airport lounges and snacking from the mini bar.

But eventually this kind of lifestyle takes it’s toll and you find yourself having inhaled a few too many champagnes and mini snickers bars. Then we inevitably find ourselves feeling a bit on the plus size of where we want to be.

Cue Fake Tan. We’ve heard it shaves 5KGs off. The lazy girls guide to looking skinnay, are we right? And it comes with the kind of glow you can only get when your five-a-day comes from fruity cocktails and your workouts in bed. Ahem.

Admittedly, when the St Tropez’s In-Shower Tan landed on our desks, we were pretty sceptical. Rule number one with tanning is – don’t get wet, right? Streak City. No thank you. But still, we were intrigued. This new process does mean no overnight tanning, no dirty sheets and no ridiculous MC Hammer time (can’t touch this – or anything. It’s basically a boy-in-a-bubble situation when you’re all lotioned-up).

After showering as us, we turned off the faucet and applied the shower gel in circular motions so that it was all smooth and even. We left it on for three minutes then washed it off. Pro tip: Make sure you get it all ‘cos if you don’t, this is where things can get streaky.

Then we went straight to bed. (Who are we kidding, 5 episodes of True Detective and a midnight spoonful of Nutella later, we went to bed) – and we kinda loved the results. The old in-shower situation leaves a really subtle, golden tan. No gross biscuit smell, no streaks. Just a solid base to keep building colour on.

St Tropez, here we come. Get it here.