Did you know you touch your face about 200 times a day?

That’s kind of gross, when you think about it.

No? Let us quickly paint the picture for you.

You wake up after a long night’s sleep (in which you’ve most likely touched your face at least 10 times), check Instagram on your phone, which you placed on the table at the restaurant last night (which 20 other people ate off, laughed over, touched, and basically spread their conversational saliva over before you), and then you roll over and sweep the hair off your face.

Then you get up, shower, and get dressed to go grab your morning coffee. You’ve probably sneezed or touched your face some more by now.

Then you pick up your handbag (which goes with you everywhere, including public toilet cubicles) and step out the front door, put your Celine shades on, and head to your local cafe. Then you hand over the money (which can carry more germs than your household toilet), and then you get on your way, sipping your coffee, and debriefing last night’s events with your girlfriend.

We all know our skin loses-out from all of this germ-filled face touching, but apparently it can also be the cause of itchy, irritated eyes.

Research conducted by our friends at Clinique found a direct link between nail polish, nail polish remover and eye allergies, meaning your weekly manicure is doing damage to more than your bank account.

So what’s a girl to do?

Go French, though not in the fiddly white tip kind of way.

Take a note out of Caroline de Maigret’s book on how to be a Parisian and go for:

“Short, clean nails, sometimes worn with nail polish—but not always.”

Or if giving-up your weekly mani just isn’t an option, try this.