Hey guys, not sure if you missed the memo but Khaki is having a major moment. In our wardrobes, and on our faces.

It’s our latest obsession and our alternative to all black… everything. Whether it’s the Balmain’s Double Breasted wool twill jacket, or Saint Laurent’s Western Style shirt, we’ve invested big, and applied the same thinking to our beauty game.

So we’ve been experimenting with different ways to wear khaki of late, and basically, we can’t get enough. It’s not a colour you want to go all crazy with because like any colour applied to the face, too much and you end up looking… trampy. And trampy isn’t the look we’re trying to achieve here folks. Especially if you’re over 30.

So today, in an ode to our dream colour, we’re showing you three ways to wear it. In a subtle, nonchalant, kind of way…