So talking about feet is our least favourite subject. Toes, cracked heels, blisters, stop already. But bear with us, because today, we’re turning our attention to DIY pedicures.

Our feet basically take a pounding all year round. We squeeze them into ridiculously high, pin-thin Saint Laurent stiletto pumps for cocktail hour during the week, rub our heels raw in the name of squeezing them into the latest pair of Acquazzura flats (more bandaids, please!), not to mention when winter hits our feet disappear into socks and sneakers, never to be seen again. Until…..summer wraps around. And the guilt of major neglect springs us into action.

It’s usually right about the time you’re thinking about buying a new pair of K Jaques, that the shame sets in. It’s embarrassing, and we’re calling it, downright rude to roll up to the nail salon with 3 months worth of unkempt toes.

So in the name of helping a sister out, we’re giving you a few tips for how to get your toes looking tippity top. Do yourself a favour…set aside an hour, turn the casa into a spa and relax, we’ve got your foot issues sorted.