Here at THE FILE HQ, we talk about skin on the regular. We talk about it with you guys here, but mostly we talk about it in the office (along with our relationship woes and whether we should drop $300 on those high-waisted vintage Levis…yes, yes you should). Clearly, in any other work environment, this kind of chat would be considered self-obsessed, a little vain and totally unprofessional.  Here, it’s pretty much just a regular Wednesday.

Most of the time when sharing our own personal skin related issues (including all the gory details), we figure out what works for us through trial and error. And recently, after one terrible bout of adult acne surfaced – caused by one too many chemical exfoliants and not enough moisture – the topic of conversation turned to sensitivity.

We’ve all been there, we over indulge, we get super stressed out, seasons change or our diet changes (that wheel of camembert isn’t going to eat itself), and you’re left with skin that looks about as smooth as the surface of Mars. And when skin troubles surface, sensitivity hits. And that’s when it’s time to go back to basics.

Usually, we pull out the Cetaphil cleanser and let our skin breathe and return to it’s natural and normal balance. But we got wondering whether there was something else out there, something we could use to fast track and help the skin heal, back to its normal self.

So we called in the big guns, and asked Australia’s skin whisperer – Melanie Grant – what she used in times of hypersensitivity, “I love Chanel’s La Solution 10 for so many reasons. It’s fragrance-free and alcohol-free so it’s perfectly suitable for all skin types including a true sensitive skin type. It works as an antioxidant, neutralising free radicals to prevent and calm inflammation and sensitivity as well as keeping the skin hydrated. A true double duty product and with only 10 ingredients it doesn’t have any unnecessary, nasty chemicals or irritants.”

If it’s good enough for Melanie, it’s good enough for us. And after 7 days of use skin felt calmer, less red, less sensitive to the touch and more hydrated.

Get it here.