When someone’s job is to try all the best products going ’round, we think it’s safe to say they know a thing or two. So when beauty editor and author Zoe Foster-Blake released her new Face Hero, we made sure we got our mitts on it quicker than you can say GO-TO.

We’re self-confessed rosehip oil addicts – we use it as an ultra-nourishing face serum before bed, on dry patches, elbows and around our cheekbones in the afternoon to give us a bit of an eye lift. Heck, most skin situations call for a bit of rosehip.

What most people don’t know is that rosehip oil isn’t just rosehip oil. It can be high maintenance – exposure to air and sunlight can make it go off before it even hits the shelves (meaning it’s pretty much useless by the time it hits your face). So ZFB went one better, and packed Face Hero with other good stuff (including a superstar ingredient called Buriti which has loads of super powers like rehydrating and restoring skin cells, fighting-off free radicals, healing UV damage and soothing irritated skin and inflammation).

Basically, Face Hero is rosehip oil on steroids. We’ve been trying it for about a month now and it’s knocked our socks off. Like, seriously. Skin feels plump, those pesky fine lines around the eyes are MIA, skin tone is smooth and even and everyone keeps saying how ‘fresh’ we all look. Win.

Read on for rules on how to apply it properly (and release its full super hero powers).

By Carmen Hamilton.