There’s something to be said for a product that, when applied, incurs the following exclamation from your team upon your morning arrival at the office:

“Your. Skin. Looks. Amazing.”

On this particular Tuesday, I had to give full credit to Glossier’s Super Bounce serum, knowing I’d routinely applied it the night before and morning of this well-deserved praise.

“Why, thank you,” I replied, my cheeks blushing and glowing in sweet unison.

It’s no secret Glossier’s cult product line-up is a cut above the rest, and the brand’s heavenly serum trio is certainly no exception. Being the hopeless beauty devotee that I am, I dropped my basket and ran home from the supermarket the minute my phone buzzed with the alert that Glossier’s first serums had landed. Two long weeks later, and the Super serums were safe in my hands on my face.

I like to think of them as liquid supplements, applied topically for optimum absorption, and a lot easier to remember to take than any multivitamin. Each one is brimming with skin-saving nutrients, so they’re perfect for a last minute pick-me-up.

Super Bounce, the hero of this story, combines hyaluronic acid (<3) and vitamin B5 to send your dermis to nirvana and back. Honestly, I’ve never used a product with a turnaround like this one. You know when you squeeze a dollop of serum into your hand, press it into your face, and are left knowing your new glow might only last a few minutes at most? My Super Bounce glow hasn’t left my face in days. Its cooling, gel consistency feels especially good on my skin first thing in the morning, and doesn’t leave a sticky film on my face.

Super Glow combines vitamin C and magnesium to elevate your skin to new heights. This pairing of wonder ingredients lightens pigmentation, helps to produce collagen, and protects skin against free radicals, all of which are at the top of my list of skin concerns. Its texture is thinner than Super Bounce, and feels more like a liquid than a gel.

Super Pure boasts niacinamide and zinc as its primary ingredients, a dreamy combination that works to calm breakout-prone skin and counter redness. Super Pure is soothing beyond compare – I can’t recommend it enough for sensitive skin, which is something I’ve recently had to deal with after playing around with one (ten) too many chemical products.

My favourite part of all of this is to ‘diagnose’ my face each morning, prescribing myself one of the three serums to take my skin up a couple of notches. There’s also no harm in using all three, if you’re that way inclined.

One more thing – if you’re wondering how I managed to get my Australia-based hands on Glossier, I can tell you it’s as simple as using a third party delivery service! Good news for all.

Get them here.

Words, Betsy Greaves