We’re guessing this isn’t your first encounter with this so called ‘Miracle Cream’.

It’s kind of a big deal – a French icon of sorts. Jane Birkin swears by it. Karlie Kloss does too. And it’s lived in the back pockets of industry heavyweights like Val Garland for decades.

6+ decades, to be exact. This year marks Lait‐Crème Concentré‘s 65th anniversary (hence the opulent limited-edition gold packaging – that’s what we call #bossstatus). That says it all, really. Even we can only think of a handful of products that have maintained their cult-status for that long. That’s beauty hall of fame kind of material.

First things first, it makes a super moisturiser. This is where it’s really earned its stripes. It’s ultra-rich, but doesn’t feel heavy or oily on the skin at all. On that note – it also makes a perfect pre-foundation primer… but that’s just the beginning.

We also use it to remove makeup, as a cleanser, as a protective healing ointment on cuts or irritated skin and… wait for it… to give our hair a bit of 2nd-day texture.

Need we say more?

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By Carmen Hamilton.