We all wish we had better skin, are we right? We buy products we know will work, we spend money on the odd maintenance facial, heck we even sleep with a silk pillowcase in the name of good skin. But sometimes, good doesn’t cut it and the blackheads, the uneven skin tone, the slight redness around the nose (beat it, broken capillaries), gets to us, and we find ourselves searching for a wonder product that will fix it all.

We’re pretty lucky here at THE FILE HQ because we get to meet some boss girls and trial some boss products. Rifling through the beauty cabinets of girls we totally trust in the style department, usually, translates to their beauty routines. 9 times out of 10 we learn something goddamn mind blowing, and adopt it pretty much immediately.

Which is exactly what happened when we found ourselves in Jess Hart’s bathroom. And when she started telling us about the one serum she can’t live without, we took notice. Girl’s got good skin game.

Enter Skinceuticals B5 Hydrating Gel. Think of it as a magnet for your moisturiser. Designed to be worn under your moisturiser it works it’s magic to enhance the benefits of your regular moisturiser and provide optimal hydration.

The magic ingredient? Hyaluronic Acid (naturally occurring in the body), it’s job is to maintain the water levels in the top layers of the skin, which is super important to help your skin look and feel amazing. Unless your skin type is perfect, plump and hydrated, you drink 4 liters of water a day,  or you’re 10, you need a targeted serum like this.

It’s worth noting that a little goes a long way with this guy, so using 1-2 drops per application; you’re going to get a good 6 months out of it.

If it’s good enough for Jess Hart, it’s good enough for us.

Also, did we mention Jess Hart swear by this stuff? Seriously…google her skin now.

Get it here.