Fact: life’s better with a tan. You look healthy. You feel healthy. You look great naked and you can actually go without makeup for a day or two without looking dead. But there’s a fine line between looking ‘bronzed’ and looking like you just need a good shower, and unfortunately faux tan faux pars are pretty common place.

We can totally see how it happens. Most fake tans we’ve tried are too full-on, and it’s easy to get a little, um, over excited. But you live and you learn, and one thing’s for certain – we’ve put the tan disasters from our teens behind us in favour of keeping it real. A bit of a light glow is really all we need.

Enter… Clarins tan-booster. This stuff takes self-tanning to the next levs becuase it’s completely customisable.

Simply add a few drops to your morning moisturiser and you’re on your way. The colour isn’t overly intense, but it definitely brings the bronze. Kind of like a DIY gradual tanner – where you get to choose the moisturiser, and the intensity.

This little gem is a necessary addition to any and every holiday checklist. It involves no streaks. No waiting time. No rinse-off. You literally smooth it on all over and forget about it.


By Carmen Hamilton.