Charlotte Tilbury needs no introduction, but incase you’ve been living under a sartorially-deprived rock for like, ever, she’s a make-up artist to Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne (to name a few), the macquillage mogul behind Tom Ford’s make-up line, a backstage fixture at all the best shows and the owner of her eponymous beauty range. Yeah, guess you could say she’s kicked a few goals.

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re fans. Fans of her, fans of her work, and fans of her make-up. But believe us when we tell you that our love for her Magic Cream is completely unbiased – because it’s exactly that… M A G I C.

For 20 years, Tilbury has been mixing-up her own secret anti-ageing concoction on set and using it on her clients to pump the skin with moisture, give great glow and smooth-out the signs of ageing (with a little help from things like hyaluronic acid, peptides, rosehip oil and Vitamin E). Long story short, everyone was obsessed. It soon gained the moniker ‘Charlotte’s Magic Cream’ and everyone wanted in, so she decided to share the love.

It fixes a dull, lifeless complexion instantly, and works Magic (pun intended) on a hungover face.

Naomi Campbell has used it. Kate Moss has used it. Cara Delevingne has used it, and now, we’re using it.

We’re going to tell you how (hint: it involves Tilbury’s famous face massage)… read on.

By Carmen Hamilton.