The thing is, we’ve always been a little bit sceptical of face sprays, mists or anything in that category. We mean, why would we spend our well-earned coin on something that’s literally water in a bottle? Sure, it’s infused with something or other, but seriously, how great can they really be.

But when we read recently that Liv Tyler and Karlie Kloss both swear by Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir (aka fancy face spray), we were intrigued, but not sold. We mean, most women that sit in the actress or model camp usually swear by a lot of things. THAT ONLY THEY CAN AFFORD!

However since we had also heard that it’s a staple in the kits of every make-up artist worth knowing, we figured we should at least give it a try. Case in point, Taylor Swift, Nicole Richie and Elizabeth Olsen’s makeup artist, Lottie, uses it to “wake up and refresh the skin throughout the day”.

And we have to admit, the first spritz quickly turned us into believers. Why? Instant gratification. The first thing that hits you is the intoxicating smell thanks to essential oils of peppermint, bitter orange, and rosemary. They work to give you that invigorated, refreshed feeling and your skin gets a little wake-up call. But what really got us was the way it instantly gave us the sort of glowing complexion that looks like you just got out of the steam room after that spin class you pretended to go to.

And wait for it? It’s multi-purpose. You can use it as a toner, after your moisturiser for an added hydration hit, over makeup as a setting spray, or just mid afternoon when the procrastination vibes hit.

The 100ml bottle is going to last you a long time. Cost per spritz? Next to nothing.

The folks at Caudalie say it’s inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s ‘Elixr of Youth.’ If it’s good enough for her…

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