Sunscreen – we won’t try to pretend it’s the most exciting thing on your shopping list, but we’ll assume you don’t need a refresher course on why hitting the beach sans SPF isn’t wise.

Finding a good one isn’t easy – most are greasy, they clog pores and leave you feeling sticky (not ideal when it’s 30+ degrees)… and then you have to wait until you hit your 40s for the pay-off.

We feel your pain. We’ve been there, done that. We’ve tried them all to no avail. We’d come to the conclusion that there wasn’t a single one out there that ticks all the boxes,  but then Aesop came to the party with its new SPF 50+ Protective Body Lotion. Yes, 50+. Aesop mean business.

It’s the answer to every excuse we’ve ever had for not wearing sunscreen: it feels light and goes on undetected, it absorbs oil and leaves no greasy film, it’s moisturising and it dries matte (amen!).

And just when we thought sunscreen couldn’t get any more exciting, they topped it all off with a heavenly scent. It’s an energising mix of spearmint, lemon and lavender and we have no reservations when we say that sunscreen has never smelt so damn good. The minty addition is like a big wake-up call for your skin.

We’ve been using it on our face after moisturiser, too, and so far, breakout count = zero. Oh, and the matte finish also creates the perfect base for make-up.

Aesop = 1, tanorexics = 0.

By Carmen Hamilton.