We’ve met, interviewed and photographed a huge amount of models, bloggers, & designers, but when Zoe Cross walked into the office, no exaggeration, the entire TF HQ had a major single white female moment.

Not just because she’s the girl responsible for making us all want to look better naked (see her blog cross and bone), but because she is IRL a major babe. She just has that vibe. You know what we’re saying; the vibe that makes you want to be her, but also makes you want to keep her away from your boyfriend.

She strolls in all cool, calm and relaxed, wearing a customized Zara denim jacket complete with iron-on patches, and wearing zero make-up. And her skin…basically the skin we wish we had if we could rewind, and not use Reef Oil for a casual 3 hour sun baking session.

We know genes and diet play a huge role, but mostly we were just interested to know what the hell she used on her skin. Because whatever it was, we wanted it. So here’s what she uses, and you’re welcome.