Hello! I’m Janelle, a full-time business marketing student and blush fanatic writing to you from my bedroom all the way in a rural little town in Washington State. I spend most of my days doing school work, but when I have the time, I like to take care of myself (face masking, painting my nails, etc.) and watch movies in bed. College is truly draining. By the end of the day, the workload leaves me feeling and looking completely beat. I try to stay hydrated and be gentle to my skin in the hopes that it’ll make up for that. Unfortunately, sometimes that isn’t enough, so I turn to makeup.

My beauty routines (skin, makeup, hair and all) are typically plain sailing. I love trying new beauty products, and I tend to gravitate more towards products that are fragrance and cruelty-free. My go-to makeup look has always been an overload of blush with a matching colored lipstick for a monochromatic look along with brushed up brows. Loads of blush and my eyebrows are both of my special trademarks. As for taking care of myself from within, I try to drink plenty of water throughout the day and take daily vitamins and supplements.

Brushed Up Brows

I don’t groom my brows. But when I feel like they need a little something extra, I use clear brow gels to tame and fluff them out. I go back and forth between the Blink Brow London Clear Brow Gloss and the MAKE Beauty Sculpting Lash and Brow Gel. Both really good used alone or on top of brow pencils/pomades for that perfect bold brow!


Vitamins Personalized Just for Me

I take these Care/of Vitamins daily with water. There’s not much to it, but I take vitamin D because I don’t get enough sun exposure here in Washington, a Probiotic Blend for my gut, Ashwagandha for my stress and focus concerns, Magnesium, and Astaxanthin for my skin. I also take fish oil and Vitamin C (both not pictured.) I started taking Vitamins a year ago and it definitely has helped keep my body balanced and fills the gaps in my diet.


Blush, forever!

I really could go on about how infatuated I am with blush for hours. When it comes down to my favorite blushes though, I ended up choosing the Lancôme Blush Subtil in Petite Pomegranate and the Bisou Bisou Lip and Cheek Stick. I’m in love with how fun and versatile blush can be, I even use it on my eyes. I find that deep rosy toned blushes look best on me, and sometimes I’m perfectly fine to walk out the door with only blush on my cheeks.


Hydration + SPF = Fountain of Youth

The only “anti-aging” products you need (in my opinion). Moisturizing and SPF (both very important steps in my skincare routine) are what comes right after I cleanse my face. Even though I live in the Pacific Northwest, I still think that it is incredibly important to protect your skin from UV rays. My skin is normal to oily, so I like using lightweight moisturizers or gels for hydration. My current favorite is the MAKE beauty succulent gel, it’s super refreshing and perfect for my skin type. For SPF, I use the Lancôme Bienfait UV 50+ Super Fluid Facial Sunscreen which is also super lightweight and fast absorbing.


Up top, Down there...and Everywhere in Between.

Fur oil. I use this all over my body from head to toe (especially for the hairs down there.) This stuff really works, not only does it soften my hair, but it is so hydrating to my skin. I like to use this after I shower and apply it as a body/hair moisturizer. It’s fast absorbing and has a beautiful citrus scent that isn’t too potent or lingers too long.