Hello! My name is Emily L’ami. In 2014 I moved from Sydney to L.A. and started my dream business creating a new world of therapeutic perfumery. After studying aromatherapy & then going to perfume school I realized I wanted to make scents that not only smell beautiful but also work on you at the deepest level. This is where Bodha was conceived. Founded in 2014, it’s about creating a new world of therapeutic perfumery to help you reconnect through the power of scent.

Living in L.A. & being in my forties all I ever want are things that feel gentle & super nourishing for my skin. I don’t often wear make-up and I like to keep my beauty ritual simple, natural and – where possible – edible.

Botany Skin Cleansing Oil

My husband Fred’s a designer and works with lots of beauty & wellness brands so I’m always getting to try new products before they hit the shelves. Botany Skin will be out soon and is the baby of Diane Makasian. She’s in her 60’s but looks way younger and has a lifetime of experience sourcing & formulating natural botanicals. I love this oil because it’s not too heavy on essential oils, unlike many natural beauty brands.


La Vecchia Distilleria Rosewater

La Vecchia grow, handpick and distill their rose & neroli blossoms in the north of Italy. I did a master-class with their perfumer who let us smell & taste floral waters from different harvests and it’s amazing how much weather & soil affects them. This rosewater is totally different from the usual stuff you get which is just water scented with cheap synthetic rose essence. Rose is the most chemically complex & has the highest vibrational frequency of all the flowers.


Activist Manuka 850

On Sunday afternoons I like to do a little self-care ritual to bring in the new week. I’ll run a bath, brew a pot of tea & make a simple face-mask of this super active manuka honey with a dash of rosewater. Gabi & Luke who run Activist are two of our favorite people in the world, Fred did the design & we love their 100 blend on toast!


L.A. Woman Perfume Oil

This is our second scented collab with NYC women’s wear brand Apiece Apart. I really wanted to capture the feeling of warmth, space & light inherent to Los Angeles.

We worked with iconic local raw materials of citrus, jasmine flowers & a hint of spiritual smoke to create a natural perfume that inspires expansion & a sense of freedom.


Alexis Smart Flower Remedies

I went to Alexis for a consult because I’m super afraid of flying and after a big long chat she made me this custom blend which I take a few drops of every day. I love the theory of flower essences ‘let like cure like’ & I love giving her off-the-shelf blends as gifts.